TBT: Dreams (06.27.15)

I slowly wake up and get my bearings. In these first few seconds, I’m never sure where I am. Often times, I think I’m in the room that held the events of my dream, but after my eyes fully blink open, I realize I’m in my room. I see the trees outside the window facing me and the faded blinds over the windows to my left. I feel the whiteness of the room envelop me, but I still feel the dream hanging over me. The memories start to fade, but I can still see vague images of locations…a lifeguard tower-like house by the beach…a tent made of nothing more than a huge sheet draped over some invisible line to form a canopy. The people are the last to go. Even if their actions are erased from my memory, I can still remember who. They usually linger for awhile, sometimes even a few days. I can almost feel their presence. Is there some meaning behind these appearances? Many times, I haven’t seen these people for years. Some people, I was never even close to. A younger brother of a friend from college. A long forgotten best friend from grade school. I wonder how these people find their way into my dreams when not so much as a thought of them passed in my waking life.


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