Day 7 – One Week Broken

Meditate. ✅
Sat in silence for 10 minutes. Did the first half with my eyes closed and then opened my eyes and focused on the trees outside. Today’s meditation was a little more challenging than usual. I couldn’t get my mind to quiet and I felt a resistance and strong urge to stop.
Did another 15 minutes or so of Shavasana after my yoga practice.

Exercise. ✅
30 minute Recovery Yoga practice. My back is really tight and in a lot of pain from yesterday’s workout. Usually when this happens, I find it makes a perfect excuse to skip my commitment. But, I can proudly say that I stuck to my commitment.

Write. ✅
As part of my launch into the acquisition of these new habits, I deleted all my social media apps from my phone. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook. Delete. Delete. Delete. It’s been a week now without these distractions in my life, and I gotta say it’s pretty nice. I never use Facebook and just recently added it for I don’t know what, so that wasn’t much of an adjustment. The void of Instagram has been a little weird. I need to refer to it for work sometimes so it was strange when I’d go to look up something and realize it wasn’t on my phone anymore. It was also a mindless go to for passing (wasting) time so I’m glad it’s not an option anymore. Now, if it’s just me and my phone and I’m looking for something to do, I can actually read those articles or essays I’ve been wanting to. Maybe get back on that Spanish learning app. Play a few brain games. No more falling into IG holes where I suddenly realize I’m on some random person’s page envying how many followers they have…or how many likes they get…or their house or shoes or eyelashes. Then there’s Snapchat – the greatest instigator of FOMO. This was a no brainer when I decided I wanted to stop binge drinking. Seeing people you don’t really see anymore, somehow prompts you into actually seeing them. I found myself hanging out with friends I long ago realized I had nothing in common with…besides drinking. No necesito. I’m particularly grateful that these apps aren’t on my phone as it’s Coachella weekend and I’m sure there’s just a barrage of flower crowns and crop tops.

Do not go out to drink. ✅
Had dinner with my boyfriend and the fam. We ordered a bottle of wine for the table. Contemplated drinking a beer when I got home, but soon realized I wasn’t interested.

Do not eat garbage food. ✅
Toast with butter
Mango, Grapes
Beef Jerky
Lentil Chips
Burrata, Pizza, Pasta
Sampler of desserts – Chocolate Mousse, Napoleon, Fruit Tart


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