Day 8 – Is it OK?

Meditate. ✅
Lay in Shavasana after my workout with no timer. Got to 8 minutes. My goal was 12, so I closed my eyes for another 4 minutes. I focused on my breath today. Maybe it was because I just finished a workout, but my breath was pretty strong (think Darth Vader) and easy to focus on.

Exercise. ✅
30 minute lower body workout.

Write. ✅
I took the day off work today and upon returning home from running a few errands, I felt utterly exhausted. I think spending the entire weekend (week) being productive finally caught up to me. There were still a bunch of things I wanted to do, but as I sat on the couch taking a breather, all of a sudden, the words came out (out loud): “Is it okay?” I just wanted to lay down and watch some TV. Maybe have a few chips. Just rest.

Part of me immediately felt reproachful (You still didn’t clean. You haven’t really worked on any of the art projects you wanted to. There are so many books you’re reading; books you want to read. Why can’t you do that instead?) Then, I remembered compassion. Sure, you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to this weekend, but you did a lot. Just exercising every day is a huge accomplishment. You didn’t binge eat your way through a whole bag of chips while laying like a corpse in front of the TV. You’re doing a great job. It’s okay to take a little break. It’s okay to give yourself a treat.
(I actually ended up doing a watercolor piece later. Contrary to my fears, taking a break didn’t turn me into a lazy slob for the rest of the day, it actually gave me the energy to pick up my tools and start working.)

Do not go out to drink. ✅
As part of my treat to myself, I had 1 beer with my dinner.

Do not eat garbage food. ✅
Leftover steak and pork chops


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