Day 14 – And So It Begins

Meditate. ✅
Deep Muscle Relaxation on Meditation app.

Exercise. ✅
Went for jog while my niece rode her bike – 1.5 miles, 20 minutes.

Write. ✅
It usually starts like this…some sort of “issue” will arise and throw me for a loop. It’ll start eating away at me slowly until I move to the next phase of general crankiness. My past self is not appreciating all these new habits I’m forming and it’s definitely upset about the old habits I’m forsaking. But, thanks to the dedicated effort I’m putting into this, it hasn’t been able to sweep me away. I saw what was happening and was able to identify it as such, taking away its usually unsurmountable power. I have to be careful for the fight is definitely not over. My ego will double its efforts and pull out all the stops to get me to break. Perhaps I will. Perhaps I won’t. I think the trick is to just not think about it too much. Like a bully, you just ignore him or her. Offer him some compassion and continue doing what you’re doing.

Do not go out to drink. ✅

Do not eat garbage food. ✅
Toast with creamy swiss cheese
Eggs, Bacon, Pancake
Pizza, Wings, Fries
Ice Cream Cone


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