Day 21 – First Marker Down

Meditate. ✅
Sat in silence for 7 minutes.

Exercise. ✅
20 minute walk.

Write. ✅
Currently reading Sleeping, Dreaming, Dying. Wrote some notes/thoughts that are a little too raw/personal for sharing just yet.

I made it to 21 days! It really feels amazing not waking up with hangovers. The elimination of those emotional roller coasters has allowed me to be more consistent and steadfast in achieving my goals as well. I find myself thinking less and trying more. Here’s to another 21 days~

Do not go out to drink. ✅

Do not eat garbage food. ✅
Scallion Pancakes
Bean and Lentil Salad
Frozen Yogurt
Kale & Kumquat Salad, Orecchiette
Pizza, Wings, Fries
Almond Fruit Tart, Ice Cream


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