Day 27 – Still Going

Meditate. ✅
Tried sitting in silence for ten minutes, but shortly after I started, I just couldn’t do it. So I put on a guided Stress Body Scan meditation. I pretty much felt resistance through the whole thing. Part of me was screaming inside, “I don’t want to do this!” I wanted to stop, but stayed with it and by the tail end I was a little more relaxed. I could really feel the tension in my lower back and shoulders and I kept trying to shake it off. I know my body is holding a lot of stress from this week, especially since I didn’t really stay committed to my daily exercise.

Exercise. ✅
Did a 25 minute full body workout from Daily Burn. It felt good and the shoulder exercises really made me feel like I was letting go of some of the tension from this week.

Write. ✖

Do not go out to drink. ✅

Do not eat garbage (fast) food. ✅
Lobster, Steak, Crab Fried Rice
Burger, Fries


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