Why Not?

I am going to be happy today because…well, why not?! I’ve been in the shittiest of moods because my back has been out for the past week. I’m still pretty stiff and thoughts of work are still irritating the shit out of me, but this is my life…my day…and I get to choose. So, I am going to choose to be happy.

The things that are bothering me revolve around power, success, money. The attachments I’ve grown to these things basically rule my life, my thoughts, my dreams. But, I don’t need these things to be happy…and attachment is actually the source of all suffering, right? So, today, I’m going to let it go (or at least start my day trying). I’m going to observe closely as the day unravels and try to be mindful in every moment – cultivating a willingness to just be with what is. I’m sure I’ll forget as soon as I get in the car or start having my first human interaction of the day, but hopefully at some point, I’ll remember again. And then I’ll take a deep breathe…and another one. I’ll keep breathing in and out, slowly…until the bad is out and the good is restored.


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